Paul du Toit

Paul du Toit is a South African artist who has carved a unique niche in the international arena. Beyond being able to access and be exhibited globally, du Toit has simultaneously continued to create a very personal form of art that has not adjusted itself to the demands of a commercial art market. Du Toit's art is his own; a linear, phantasmic world that he has created from his mind and experiences.

Over the years, he has built up a forest of symbols - his own alphabet of awkward scrawls that spawn off each other. When he creates a work of art, he retains only forms that are appropriate. This combined with the treatment of space and master lines (scratched into wet paint with sticks) result in a desired unity of composition. Primary colours are added on top of the impasto and movement is created by a variation in the dimension of forms in relation to other elements. His work starts out with a line(origination) and ends with a black line defining the pools of colour.

Among the many awards he has received is a medal from the city of Florence in the Biennale Internationale Dell'arte Contemporanea. He was nominated for the Daimler Chrysler Sculpture Award of 2002. He was recently invited to work with former president Nelson Mandela and international musicians on the 46664 campaign.  PlanetPaul Studios 0027 21 7901514   E-mail

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